Shamwari Conservation Experience – Coordinator Update – Feb ’12

We have definitely hit the ground running to start the year of with lots of animal and community projects on the go at Shamwari Conservation Experience.

It all started off with a family of four White Rhino that had to be relocated from our northern section of the reserve to the southern section of Shamwari Game Reserve, it was for security reasons that this small family had to be moved to an area that our anti poaching team can keep an eye on them and keep them safe from ruthless poachers. Luckily the students were there to assist  in the relocation and capture process because it is no easy task to move 4 Rhino luckily the weather played its part and the capture went very well.  They have settled into their new home nicely and are safe and doing well.

There were also 3 buffalo that had to be moved from our breeding camps to the holding pens where they will be introduced to a new Buffalo Herd for genetic diversity and we were all there to lend a hand in the capturing and transporting  process.

One of our new projects for the Shamwari Conservation Experience is to monitor what type of vegetation our Elephants are feeding, which entails us spending time with the herds and monitoring what they are feeding on and keeping a record of the vegetation types. in the future we will be able to know which is the preferred vegetation types that our Elephants are feeding on and the impact that will have on the vegetation for the future. We are looking forward to the results. There are plenty more exiting projects that we have or will be starting and i will keep you updated in the months to come.

Cindy’s Addo Old Age Home projects are still going very well and just last week  the guys were at the home being taught how to make African bracelets and necklaces which can be sold to make some money for the home. There veggie garden is still feeding the local kids a meal a day which is great to know.

We are looking forward to a fun filled year at Shamwari Conservation Experience with lots of new challenges and projects ahead.


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